•  exterior walls: R20 fiberglass pink insulation c/w 6 mil polyethylene continuous vapour barrier
•  ceiling and attic: R40 blown fibreglass insulation c/w with 6 mil. polyethylene continuous vapor barrier
•  basement walls: R12 fibreglass insulation and vapour barrier (18" from floor)
•  garage interior- dry walled ceiling and walls with R12 for the wall and R20 for the ceiling
•  all windows and doors insulated with liquid foam/packing
•  exterior of all windows and exterior doors are caulked
•  "TYVEK" wrap equivalent around exterior of home; continuous and sealed tight
•  all exterior doors are insulated steel doors including weather stripping
•  waterproof drywall to be installed in areas surrounding baths & showers
•  ? drywall to all walls and ceilings in living areas
•  5/8'' fire code dry wall for garage wall
•  all exterior wall electrical boxes are wrapped with polyethylene, minimizing air leakage and drafts

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